Acke Forsman makes charming and visually arresting films. He seamlessly jumps between live action, animation, and CG - "whatever discipline that fits the story best is what we’ll use". 

Growing up in the north of Sweden, Acke's interest in cross-fertilizing between seemingly discrete disciplines grew out of his passion for curating art exhibitions, installations, and music events. Expanding his work into music videos and commercials, Acke founded the production company Popcore. Notable creative accolades for the team include Swedish Grammys for their Kent and Laleh promo and an American Grammy shortlisting for Underoath’s "Writing On The Walls" 

Evolving past Popcore, Acke has struck out solo as both creative producer and director to develop his own stellar reputation for music videos and commercials, shooting a magical roller coaster ride for The Heart Pharmacy's "Long Live Life," as well as creating the delirious visual masterpiece for Dizzee Rascal's hit single, "Bonkers." 

Acke has won awards for the innovative piece, "Long Live the Right of Common Access", for the telecom company Telenor and also for his stop-frame animation for Volvo, "Build Your Own Car”. He recently picked up 7 Spike Awards for his huge IPL hit ”The Carnival”. 

Acke has practiced and developed a filmic storytelling with magical and visually interesting films that always have a warm human touch. He loves to do things in an analogue and hand-crafted manner as much as using computer animation.